Technofi TECHNOFI (coordinator of the Grid+Storage project) is an independent innovation management consulting firm which supports companies, research organisations, public bodies and professional associations throughout Europe in developing their innovation strategy, with a dedicated expertise addressing low carbon electricity, sustainable buildings and sustainable manufacturing processes.
Ease EASE, the European Association for Storage of Energy, is the voice of the energy storage community, actively advocating the role of energy storage as an indispensable instrument for the energy system. EASE seeks to build a European platform for sharing and disseminating energy storage-related information.
Edso EDSO for Smart Grids gathers leading European distribution system operators (DSOs) for electricity, cooperating to bring smart grids from vision to reality and is focused on guiding EU RD&D, policy and member state regulation to support this development.
Entsoe ENTSO-E, the European Network of Transmission System Operators, is the legally mandated body representing 41 electricity transmission system operators (TSOs) from 34 countries across Europe.
Rse RSE, Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico, develops research in electro-energy, with particular focus to the strategic national projects of general public interest.
Vito VITO is a leading European independent research and consultancy centre in the areas of cleantech and sustainable development, elaborating solutions for the large societal challenges of today.