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Release of the first ETIP SNET R&I roadmap!

Published December 23, 2016

The Grid+Storage consortium is pleased to publish the final outcome of its two-year work: the R&I Roadmap 2017-2026 for smart grids and energy storage integration.

The R&I activities for the decade to come, as described in the Roadmap, synthesize consolidated and balanced stakeholder views for the future R&I needs of the electricity (and the energy) system and rely on a monitoring and review of national, European and international projects.

This Roadmap covering 2017-26 is the update and a very significant extension of the previous EEGI roadmap 2013-2022: the specified research and innovation (R&I) activities cover a scope larger than the electricity system, encompassing interactions with the gas and heat networks and focusing on the integration of energy storage technologies into the power system.

This Roadmap forms a robust basis for the European Technology and Innovation Platform for “Smart Networks for the Energy Transition” (ETIP SNET). From now on, the ETIP SNET is the organisation in charge of seeting out a vision for research and innovation for Smart Networks for Energy Transition and engage stakeholders in this vision.

Download the roadmap here!

More information about the ETIP SNET: visit the website