This page provides access to all public deliverables of the project.

The main deliverables of the projects are the integrated R&I Roadmap 2017-2026 and related short-term implementation plans. On the other hand, this work is supported by other deliverables:

  • Technical analysis of ongoing projects,
  • Outcomes of knowledge sharing workshops.

> R&I Roadmap (RIR) 2017-2026

The R&I Roadmap 2017-2026 synthesizes consolidated and balanced stakeholder views for the future R&I needs of the electricity (and the energy) system and rely on a monitoring and review of national, European and international projects. It  is the update and a very significant extension of the previous EEGI roadmap 2013-2022: the specified research and innovation (R&I) activities cover a scope larger than the electricity system, encompassing interactions with the gas and heat networks and focusing on the integration of energy storage technologies into the power system.

  • Download the final R&I Roadmap 2017-2026 here

> Integrated Implementation Plan (IP) 2016-2018 

The integrated implementation plan 2016-2018 aims at defining the R&I activities addressing the integration of storage technologies into the power grids, for the next two years. An "initial" version was first  published and submit to public consultation in April 2015. The final version, including inputs from the public consultation, was released in June 2015.

  • Download the initial IP (D2.1)  here  
  • Download the description of the consultation process (D1.1)  here
  • Download the final version of the Integrated Implementation Plan of R&I activities 2016-2018 (D2.2) here 

> Technical analysis of on-going projects

The main goal of this report is to support the topic selection and description processes of the integrated implementation plan 2016-2018 (D2.1 and D2.2) by monitoring projects with European-added value, and show that overlapping, if any, is minimal.

  • Download the report D3.1  here: monitoring report supporting the topic selection for the Implementation Plan 2016-2018 (54 projects from Europe monitored)
  • Download the report D3.2 here: monitoring report supporting the choice of R&I activities for the decade to come (roadmap 2016-2025) - 123 projects from Europe monitored + 54 projects from other countries

> Outcomes of knowledge sharing workshops