Complementing the activities performed so far by the European Electricity Grid Initiative (EEGI) and the Grid+ project, a consortium formed by TECHNOFI, EASE, EDSO, ENTSO-E, RSE and VITO has been selected by the European Commission to support DG Energy and the Member States in defining a European R&D roadmap integrating energy storage into grid research and innovation activities, both at electricity transmission and distribution levels.

Accross two years (January 2015 - December 2016), the following activities will be implemented by the six partners within the Grid+Storage project:

Public Consultation Project Monitoring Knwoledge Sharing Workshops Knowledge Sharing Plaform

These activities will allow the six partners to deliver a ten-year integrated Research and Innovation Roadmap (RIR) towards a more secure single European electricity market will be delivered at the end of 2016 and related short-term Implementation Plans (2016-2018 and 2017-2019).

Rir And I Ps
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